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Snowsport South is a division of Snowsport England and is the regional governing body responsible for promoting all disciplines of Skiing and Snowboarding in the southern region of England.

Racing within the league is aimed at providing young athletes and new comers the ability to train in a competitive but fun environment in preparation for the Snowsport England National events.

To enter races, please first register using (register) on the right of the menu bar. You can then log in and enter races.

Southampton Double Header!

Posted on 2016-05-30 09:57:41 to Racing

Don’t forget that Round 3 of the Summer Race Series is taking place at Southampton this Saturday (4th June). Entries are via this website.

The next day (Sunday 5th June), the Snowsport South Club National also takes place at Southampton and is open to all racers born in 2008 or before. Entries are open via the ERSA Online Entry System http://www.ersa.co.uk/national_races.

Entries for both races will close at midnight on Wednesday 1st June.

Hope to see you there.

Snowtrax Race - Saturday 28 May

Posted on 2016-05-28 21:51:48 to Racing

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Snowtrax today. Many thanks to those who helped to organise the day and allowed it to run so smoothly.

The individual results are posted via the link in the right hand column. The team results are:

First Second Third
Club Teams
Aldershot A Chatham Bromley
Euan Chapman Saul Biggs Elle Ayton
Peter Davies Lauren Vale Evie Ayton
Jake Shemmans Nikkie Vale Adam Grecula
Craig Speed Ryan Wheeler Danica Moore
Fun Teams
Foxtrot Alpha Delta
Elspeth Blake Charlotte Hilliard Ben Brown
Anya Dattani Nick Humphrey Emily Clark
Phoebe Driscoll Ellie Mace Anna Jesse
Nigel Hilliard Eve Mayhead Max King
Owen Oakes Zachary O'Sullivan Maddie Turner
Maisie Rendell Isabel Sadler Morgan Turner

Snowtrax Race - Saturday 28 May

Posted on 2016-05-25 23:02:21 to Racing

Thank you to everyone who has entered Saturday's race.

The start list can be found here and the start list by club here. These have also been sent to the registered email address of every racer.

The provisional timetable for the day is:

8:00 Slope open and Bibs available to clubs

8:30 - 9:30 Open Practice

9:30 Individual Timed Runs

12:30 Individual Head-to-Heads

15:00 Club and Fun Team Races

16:00 Prize-giving

At bib allocation, a sheet will be given to each club representative. This will ask for information regarding the team races and must be returned to the timing hut immediately after the end of the 3 individual timed runs. We need to know:

i) whether a club wishes to enter 1 or 2 teams into the Open Club Championship

ii) who the team members are for the Open Club Championship team(s)

iii) which racers want to do the Fun Team event

A racer can only enter one or other of the team events.

Parking: Please note ambulance/vehicle access is needed from the car park all the way around to the bottom of the slope, therefore no gazebos/shelters are to be erected in this area, especially in front of the sheds. The space near the Park hut is open for use and all cars are to be parked in the lower car park. There will be a car park attendant on hand to help park cars correctly.

The postcode for the slope is BH23 6AW.

Summer Series and Club National

Posted on 2016-05-22 17:30:28 to Racing

Following our notification on 30th March about sponsorship for the Summer Series (Snowtrax and Salomon) and the Club National (Ski Bitz), we are delighted to be able to confirm thatSki Bartlett have agreed to sponsor the Summer Series for another year. The generous support of all of these organisations is invaluable to allow us to run and organise a successful series of races across the region and we are delighted to be able to continue our relationship.

Don’t forget that Round 2 of the Summer Series is taking place at Snowtrax this Saturday (28 May) and Round 3 will follow hot on its heels on Saturday 4th June at Southampton.

Also, don’t forget that the Snowsport South Club National is open for all racers born in 2008 or before and will take place at Southampton on the 5th June. Entries are open via the ERSA Online Entry System http://www.ersa.co.uk/national_races. Entries will close on Wednesday 1st June.

Inter Region Event - Stoke, Sunday 3 July

Posted on 2016-05-21 07:31:38 to Racing

This year the Snowsport England Inter Region event is to be held at Stoke on Sunday the 3rd July, the day after the GBR race. We would like to enter at least two teams for the event and although the invitation has not yet been published, in previous years teams consisted of 7 racers so we are likely to need at least 14 people including 4 females. To qualify for the team you must have raced in or be entered for at least one Snowsport South race this year (including the Southampton Club National) and must be Snowsport England registered with your first named club’s first named region being Snowsport South. Teams will be picked based on seed points in the most recent oBARTS list which is likely to be 2016.2. This year we are planning to have some race shirts made for the event so we will need some time to sort this out. To this end we are looking for applications to be submitted by the 31st May.

Please do not confuse this event with the Tri Region event which is being held at Welwyn on the 15th October. The invitation for this will be sent out in August.

If you are interested in taking part in the inter region, please email me at chairman@snowsportsouth.org.uk including SSE registration number, year of birth and shirt size.

Best Regards,

Brian Davies


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